post-title Spring Fishing Line Up!

Spring Fishing Line Up!

Spring Fishing Line Up!

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes warmer weather and water temperatures. With the warmer water, you can expect baitfish to start showing up. With the bait comes the many different fish that call the Emerald Coast home and they come in with a vengeance. Inshore, you can expect to catch a variety of good-eating fish. The Sheepshead are already here and will stick around until mid-April. Sheepshead are found along rock jetties, bridge pylons, and deep water docks and mainly eat crustaceans. Along with the Sheepshead, we can expect the Pompano to show up on our beaches and jetty areas. A few have already been caught this year by surf fishermen which is an excellent sign. Once the Pompano show up you can expect Spanish Mackeral and Bluefish to show up next. These fish are both very fun to catch on light tackle and will ususally take a lure. Once these hard-hitting, acrobatic fish have arived on our beaches, it doesn’t take long for them to spread into our inshore waterways. Along with these migratory fish, you can expect to find local redfish, trout, and Black Drum here year round.