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Fishing Tips

Destin Fishing Charters

Capt. Joey, the owner of Panhandle Fishing Charters, recommends the following tips to have a great time on your charter. The best advice is be ready to have fun, relax, and catch some fish. Don’t set the standards too high – remember you’re on vacation and here to enjoy this time with you and your family.


Don’t set the hook! The types of hooks used to catch the types of fish you’ll be targeting don’t require setting the hook. This is easier for you as all you have to do is reel in when you’ve gotten a bite. Some fish we ask that you let a little drag out, when the fish bites, they’ll start swimming, tighten the drag and reel her in. Capt. Joey gives information during the charters to help you catch the most amount of fish  – if you listen to him, you’re sure to get put on some beauties!

If you’re looking for other fishing tips while you are in town, check out FWC’s regulations and they’ll tell you the type of hooks/gear to use for catching and harvesting fish.

As a fisherman in Destin, your main item of purchase will be a fishing license IF you are NOT on a licensed charter boat. There are fines for not obtaining a current fishing license. In Destin, you can fish from the shoreline at the beach, the jetties in the East Pass, a boat, and most of the area bridges. In the spring, we fish from the shoreline to target Pompano. In the summer, your best bet is a boat. In the fall and winter, you can fish from the bridges to target Sheepshead, some Red Fish, and more.

For bait and tackle, you can visit Half Hitch Tackle in Destin or Harborwalk Marina located at Harborwalk Village at the foot of the Destin Bridge which can provide you pointers for area fishing as well.