post-title Destin Flounder Fishing

Destin Flounder Fishing

Destin Flounder Fishing


It’s the New Year and fishing season is just kicking in for Destin and the surrounding areas! On Saturday, I had a 4 hour gulf fishing charter. This fishing charter, we only had to hit two fishing spots in order to find what we were looking for. Our first spot was approximately two miles off shore and we were targeting Flounder. At this spot, we only caught a couple of Red Snapper and some bait fish – unfortunately, the Snapper are not in season at this time so we had some catch and release action. After about 45 minutes, we moved inland to another spot and it was right on the money! The Flounder were lighting up! In about 30 minutes, we caught 14 Flounder and kept 8 due to size limit restrictions. The rest were JUST over what we needed, but we decided to let them live to see another day! We caught enough or dinner and decided to call it a day.

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