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Destin Florida Bow Fishing

Destin Florida Bow Fishing



Bow Fishing in Destin, FL


The first Destin Florida bow fishing trip of the year for Panhandle Fishing Charters is complete. Bow fishing can be a difficult sport and it’s always nice to find a couple that both know how to shoot.

During bow fishing, there are many factors to consider: you have the movement of the boat, the light refracting the image of the fish, and the fast-paced environment of bow fishing. When the light refracts the image of the fish, it makes the fish actually appear closing to you. This is a common mistake in bow fishing as the person bow fishing typically just aims and shoots at the image of the fish they see; however, if you aim and shoot this way, you’ll aim too high and completely miss the fish.

The rule of thumb is to actually aim towards the tail of the fish since the fish is actually deeper in the water than it appears.

Bow fishing is fast-action and an awesome time for everyone involved! Call today to book a bow fishing charter with Panhandle Fishing Charters in Destin, Florida!