post-title Destin Bow Fishing Charters!

Destin Bow Fishing Charters!

Destin Bow Fishing Charters!

Destin Bow fishing charters are becoming more and more popular throughout the Florida Panhandle. Recently, we had the opportunity to take some repeat customers out on the boat that couldn’t wait to get in on the action of Destin bow fishing. We took them out on a 4 hour bow fishing charter and within the first 30 minutes we were landing big, Southern rays. The repeat customers must have shot their bows over 100 times and it was my best Destin bow fishing charter to date! On all of our charters, we follow FWC regulations to make sure that each ray or fish is taken legally. You may view the Destin Bow Fishing regulations here. Destin bow fishing is considered spearing, so any fish taken with a bow has to be legally done so by these guidelines.

Our Destin bow fishing charters run at $145/hr for a minimum of 3 hours. We always recommend longer just because the trips are action packed and fun. The trips include three shooters at a time, extra arrow, lines, fishing licenses,  and the help of the Captain. You must bring polarized sunglasses and you can bring your own gear, snacks, drinks, and sunscreen.

Our bows are set at 32 pounds lightest weight – there is no age limit, so long as you can pull the weight of the bow and shoot without help. You may get to the dock a few minutes earlier than your trip departs to practice shooting the bows. No dry shooting.


Call us at 850-226-3127 to book your Destin Bow Fishing Charter today!! Private charters available! Trip includes 4 people, but 3 shooters at a time for safety.


  • Capt. Joey