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Shark Fishing



Shark fishing in Destin is easily one of the most highly sought after charters. The thrill of the bite, the cranking of the reel as the shark pulls down and finally, the victory of seeing it at the boat. For shark fishing, we are a catch and release boat only and no sharks will be coming aboard during your trip; however, this makes for the best family memories and the greatest victory stories for your friends.

We provide shark fishing rods, specifically rigged for larger sharks, your bait (chum, frozen and live bait), tackle, rods, reels, ice, and your fishing licenses. The only thing you’re responsible for is snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and bringing your muscles!
Shark Fishing in Destin can be a family-fun event; however, we do suggest that only those fit and able to reel in a shark do so. We can put the kiddos on some bait fish to catch and they’ll have the time of their lives

We offer:
4, 5, 6, or 8 hour Shark Fishing Trips

Shark Fishing

Q: What time should we arrive for our charter?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to departure. During the spring and summer months, we run multiple trips per day; we kindly ask that you arrive safely and on time so your charter leaves at it's designated time.

Q: Do we keep the sharks?

We will not harvest sharks. Shark charters are catch and release only.

Q: Can we bring our own gear?

For shark fishing, we suggest you do NOT bring your own gear. We have everything on board that you would need for shark fishing and rigged properly.

Q: How long will we travel onboard until we reach our destination?

About 30 minutes.