standard-title Flounder Gigging

Flounder Gigging

Flounder Gigging Destin

Flounder Gigging takes place on our Carolina Skiff in the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico on a calm night. We had the Skiff rigged specifically to accommodate nighttime flounder gigging charters; one of the only ones in Destin!! Our trips include: Gigs, ice, and fishing licenses. Bring a cooler to leave in your vehicle for your filets once your trip is complete. Our only target during this charter is Flounder.


Are kids allowed? YES! Any age can try flounder gigging; however, we recommend 13 years of age and older.

Can we bring our own gear? YES! Your gear is welcome aboard our vessel for flounder gigging.

What do you recommend we bring? Snacks, drinks, NO black sole shoes, and a cooler to leave in your vehicle. We have a cooler aboard our vessel for your snacks and drinks.

Flounder Gigging

Q: What time should we arrive prior to our charter?

For fishing, we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your trip start time. During the spring and summer months we run multiple trips per day; we kindly ask that you arrive safely and on time so your charter can leave at it’s designated time.

For bowfishing; we recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to your trip. This allows time for practice shots at the dock beforehand.

Q: Do you clean the fish?

Yes! We filet, bag, and ice your fish for you! Don’t forget to leave a cooler in the back of your vehicle so you can take your fish with you.

Q: Can we bring our own gear?

If you have bows and arrows made for bowfishing, you are welcome to bring them aboard. We do ask that there only be three shooters at a time due to safety precautions.

As for fishing gear, lures, bait, etc. we do ask that these be left behind.