post-title Bow Fishing Charters in Destin Florida

Bow Fishing Charters in Destin Florida

Bow Fishing Charters in Destin Florida


Bow fishing in Destin, Florida is gaining popularity fast. Panhandle Fishing Charters ran multiple bow fishing charters throughout the summer and each has it’s own story. Some of the¬†legal species in Destin, Florida for bow fishing are Black Drum, Gar, Catfish (non-edible), Cobia, stingrays, and many others.

At Panhandle Fishing Charters, we make sure we have you set up with all of your bow fishing needs in order to start shooting as soon as we hit the water. Our trips run during the daytime hours as Destin has Emerald Green waters with white sand, so you can actually see the fish 20-30 yards away. We rarely run nighttime bow fishing charters as there is safety risk involved.

When bow fishing, actually hitting the fish, requires a bit of practice. We tell our clients to aim towards the tail of the fish as the deflection of the water is deceiving.

Each charter is different and you never know what to expect. The past few bow fishing charters have been some for the books!

To book your bow fishing charters in Destin, Florida today- call Capt. Joey at 850-420-5502! Also, you can follow us on Twitter (@CaptJoeyS) and Facebook (Panhandle Fishing Charters)