post-title Amberjack for the Ladies

Amberjack for the Ladies

Amberjack for the Ladies

If you’ve never hooked an Amberjack from a Gulf fishing trip, you’re missing out on quite a fight. However, guys, don’t think that it takes a man to reel in this catch. This pictured Amberjack was hooked and reeled in by this lovely lady.

Amberjack are well-known as one of the strongest fish in the Gulf, hence their nickname, reef donkey. While reeling in an Amberjack, it feels like you have hooked a donkey!

Amberjack love to hang around structures in the Gulf such as shipwrecks, artificial reefs, and rock piles. If you feel like you are brave enough to battle an Amberjack, book a Gulf inshore fishing trip with Panhandle Fishing Charters. Captain Joey will take you to the best fishing spots to catch Amberjack.