Bay Fishing in Destin

Panhandle Fishing Charters in Destin always recommends bay fishing as a fun charter! The calm waters make it great for younger children and older adults plus the amount of fish you can catch is a nice bonus! Children have fun catching speckled trout, black drum, red fish, flounder, ladyfish, blue fish, and not so […]

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Shark Fishing in Destin Florida

Have you ever thought about Shark Fishing in Destin Florida? Ever wonder what type of species you would target?

We target Mako, Bullsharks, Blacktip, and more! While fishing in the gulf, sharks are a common site, so fishing for one is easy, it’s the reeling ‘er in part that might take a while!

Our most recent shark […]

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On the Bite: Destin Fishing

On the Bite: Destin Fishing


Summer is here and our charters are gearing up! Here are some of the photos from recent catches:


Recent catches are Red Fish, Speckled Trout, King Mackerel, Red Snapper and Black Snapper!


Call Panhandle Fishing Charters in Destin, Florida to book your fishing charter today!


-Capt. Joey

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Destin Sheepshead Fishing

Destin Sheepshead Fishing is fun for children and adults of all ages! Fishing is in full swing this spring break and Capt. Joey is putting his customers on some fish!

Check out these photos of some recent charters:

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Destin Cobia Fishing

Destin Cobia Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is in full swing! The first fish was caught on March 17, 2016. There have been multiple sightings and plenty of fish caught!


Call Panhandle Fishing Charters at 850-420-5502 to schedule your Destin Cobia Fishing Charter today!



Capt Joey

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Bow Fishing Charters in Destin Florida

Bow fishing in Destin, Florida is gaining popularity fast. Panhandle Fishing Charters ran multiple bow fishing charters throughout the summer and each has it’s own story. Some of the legal species in Destin, Florida for bow fishing are Black Drum, Gar, Catfish (non-edible), Cobia, stingrays, and many others.

At Panhandle Fishing Charters, we make sure we […]

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Florida Red Snapper Season

Per the FWC, Red Snapper is open in STATE WATERS ONLY on the weekends from Labor Day Weekend until November 1, 2015.  Your Red Snapper MUST be 16″ in length for harvesting AND there is only 2 per angler per day and a total bag limit of 10 per vessel!

The FWC has set standards […]

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Gulf of Mexico State Waters

When harvesting fish, there are many guidelines to abide by set by the FWC. If you need an overview about size/limits/fish types, you can start here. The provided link allows you to start your search and can help prevent fines from harvesting the wrong size/limit of a fish.

There are some species within the Gulf of […]

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Destin Florida Bow Fishing



The first Destin Florida bow fishing trip of the year for Panhandle Fishing Charters is complete. Bow fishing can be a difficult sport and it’s always nice to find a couple that both know how to shoot.

During bow fishing, there are many factors to consider: you have the movement of the boat, the light […]

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2015 Red Snapper Season

Gulf Red Snapper are regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC.) The FWC has strictly regulated the harvesting of Gulf Red Snapper for the past few seasons. In 2012, the FWC had approved a 40-day Gulf Red Snapper season. For 2013, FWC had a 44-day season. As of 2015, state waters […]

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